Reviews for "The irRegularGame of Life"

Lol neat!

I love the sand box the most, i got stuck after about 13 lvls,

also i made a clown face
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My FAVORITE game EVER!! ive sat here for hours just making hundreds of patterns for the sandbox mode. i am just amazed with different patterns and seeing them evolve and morph was just awesome. give a few of them a try.

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just a few have lots more please tell me if you like them.

squidsquid responds:

Glad you like it so much :) Those are some awesome looking codes, I especially liked the evolution and stable state of the second one. I've thought about making something where people could submit and vote on codes, or maybe just a hall of fame for some of the cool codes people have made...


this is a fun game and is adicvite and try this code eNozMBgFwxAYGlJXHWGDcHJwqzPEo5BYdQZE2 js8Y5l+4WxIm3CmezodBVQGAM2ILFo=

very difficult

the tutorial helps a lot. you need to do whatever the game wants and sometimes, below the number of the lvl, there's a tricky tip. this is try and fail. just think how the cells will react if you put a cell there. if you fail, you'll know how the cells will react at each lvl.that's what i can do to help you guys. hope it does help.

Wierd concept.

Great idea. Liked it a lot, though I can't get past level 14. That is the coolest scientist ever!