Reviews for "The irRegularGame of Life"

crazy math game...

not all that entertaining and some of the levels are really hard

It was ok...

It wasn't too challenging. Half of them were as simple as completing an obvious pattern. The rest were simply guessing where to put one node. There were only one or two challenging puzzles.

i got to level 12 no problems what so ever

you dont even need to read the rules, jus click sumwer, if its wrong, click somwere else... not realli that chalanging to be honest lol, but is fun wile it lasts

squidsquid responds:

Well yes, the first levels are meant to be easy so players can get the hang of it. Level 12 is only about a quarter of the way through though.


this games cool and i like it...i didnot use the tutorial and ended up in level 25...i didnt even know wth the game was...


cool stuff

Kinda fits to retro, too.
Pretty funny to watch, but it would be nice if you put some decent patterns in. The "levels" were a bit boring, bot sandbox will give some minutes joy. Well actually weeks, if your a geek/nerd ;)