Reviews for "The irRegularGame of Life"


Kinda boring. Maybe it's just me. I'm not really the nerdy brainiac type, but this gets really boring after a dozen or so levels. I don't think I'd be able to sit through all 40.


It was fun, but i think i would have enjoyed it more if i knew what i was doing

Awesome Incarnated :D

This game is a fun time waster

I wasted so much time working on level 42, and then my friend solved it in like a minute.... by luck

anyways solution to level 42
avert your eyes if you dont want the answer

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alternate glider machine


i thought I'd create something I saw from a java applet game where you could load these kinds of infinitely recurring algorithms, especially this simple one that infinitely creates gliders. Enjoy.

I rated this game at an 8 because these ideas are nothing too new, but I can definitely respect that the creator must have worked hard on this. However, the grid was a little small(for simplicity's sake) to create really interesting combinations. Not that I'd have the mental genius to come up with some of the more complex combinations, but nonetheless, good job.

It's certainly neat, but ought to lean more to a creative game than a puzzle game. The rules, while simple, are a bit complex to keep track of, and 'nerds' is right when you have to depend upon the solver calculating the moves of every pixel and how it interacts with an area 8 by 8 around it.