Reviews for "The irRegularGame of Life"

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I wish I was a nerd and understanded all this stuff, it's a funny game though

The Three Sisters

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Cool game, fun sandbox mode.

Strange Difficulty Curve.

other than that tho, it was good.

does any1 know how to beat the last level? I've tried too many times to figure that shit out.

Hee-Haw meets nerdy mathematicians

Interesting "game". Check out the code below for a cyclicle pattern that never ends ... EVER. LoL :P

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I enjoy this game, but it's really weird. I was too lazy to look up the tutorial. I really have to give it props for being creative. I just have no idea what the goal of this game is. It's nice enough to admire. I did understand it more as it went on.

It does make me appreciate challenging games. I was thinking there was Texas music in this. I guess it was as appropriate as anything else. I can't really say there should have been more detail. It worked so well in a strange way for what little it had.