Reviews for "The irRegularGame of Life"


heres my level

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it wont stop opening and closing....



i give it a 9 beacuse it does get boring after a while...
check this one out it is simplistic but oh well
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alternate glider machine


i thought I'd create something I saw from a java applet game where you could load these kinds of infinitely recurring algorithms, especially this simple one that infinitely creates gliders. Enjoy.

I rated this game at an 8 because these ideas are nothing too new, but I can definitely respect that the creator must have worked hard on this. However, the grid was a little small(for simplicity's sake) to create really interesting combinations. Not that I'd have the mental genius to come up with some of the more complex combinations, but nonetheless, good job.

Hate the puzzles...

But the sandbox is just WAY to much fun! However a generation and population counters would be nice for sandbox, like to see how long you can make it last without changing anything, or maxing out the population. Funa dn great game that can look really cool, like my creation! eNrNlVsOgCAMBK+03P9yxgfKY9vOp4QomMkkY ru2RofAODHkumdpu6ZqW+cq23NRZfu43PbelN tGLrMNC2W2mYtt01KxbeUi27JRZNs5b9u28jb HOZt5IGf7EUffg50LPWf23WgdsLqidcrqnvYR 60va5yw3aA6xXKM5yXKX5jj9KxxDQy+w
I call it, the everchanging flwer.