Reviews for "The irRegularGame of Life"

Great one

First i really misunderstood it :D the intro didnt really helped but than i saw the nice sides of it... first stuck on lvl 33 but wont look at the codes so i will have always a level to do :D...
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squidsquid responds:

Thanks, glad you persevered and got the hang of it. The tutorial is more of a background really, its quite hard to explain so I decided to make the first levels pretty easy and let people figure it out.

lvl 14

the game rocks, to bad i totally failed at lvl 14


wahahaha i solved lvl41 :D

squidsquid responds:

You mean 42?

great game!

the alphabet:
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squidsquid responds:


Great game!

I think I hate myself for actually understanding this game... oh well I can't fight my inner-nerd!

squidsquid responds:

Embrace it!