Reviews for "The irRegularGame of Life"

Not my genre, but well made

I must admit, the only reason this caught my eye was because of the title... not at all what I expected, but a good game nevertheless.

Must've taken a lot of time and effort to come up with this, and being a CS nerd myself, I applaud you for making this game. But I think I'll stick to my TSP for now xD

squidsquid responds:

Thanks for the kind words even though its not your style :) Yay for the solidarity of CS nerds ;)

well gee...

i must say that that's an awesome game! it's cool with the shapes changing to make an amount of cells and how they end up is just cool. unfortunantly for me i don't have the patience for that sort of thing. but it's very spiffy any ways. NICE!

squidsquid responds:

Thanks, its good that you can give a decent review even though its not your cup of tea :)


I got stuck on lvl26... Do I smell FP???

squidsquid responds:

Thanks (and I hope so!)

Haha nice work

This is really pretty perfectly executed. I just started up java programming and read about the game of life, so it's cool to see it taken to the next level. I really think that you made the concept as enjoyable as it can be. I'd love to give it a ten, except the levels aren't as much riotously entertaining as they are interesting...but of course that is because of the choice of material, not because of you. I can definitely tell that there was a lot of thought in this and you must have had a pretty good background in the game to make this, so good job! geeks everywhere rejoice at your work.

squidsquid responds:

Hey thanks, its great to get such a well-reasoned and positive review :) Because in the game of life it is hard to predict the outcome from only small changes in initial conditions it made designing the levels challenging. In fact I went over my initial levels twice and altered and reordered them etc to make it more playable. I'm pretty pleased with the result and also pleasantly surprised by the game's reception so far :)

great game

absolutely amazing. very hard too

squidsquid responds:

Cheers :)