Reviews for "The irRegularGame of Life"


Taking this concept and turning it into something that is actually playable and fun to boot, extraordinary. The rules were simple enough that i got the hang of it fairly quickly. Great game.

squidsquid responds:

Thanks :)

Huge fan of life for decades

best damn tutorial on the game concepts and helluva puzzle game to boot. I'm still looking for a 'territorial' life game using colors and xtra rules for teams...

squidsquid responds:

Thanks, my original plan was to make something like you describe with different colors etc, but it seemed like it would be hard to make it work so I simplified it to the puzzle idea. There is something like you describe here: http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php ?topic=1895.0 - I couldn't get the download link to work myself though.

Very well thought out

very good, as it was said in antoher review, what caught my attention was the name, but it turned out to be very fun! i stopped at level 20-something because i have a low attention span and couldnt go on
But it is very good, and fun to watch the cells move (its cool when you put it on fast)
entertaining and challenging, might not have much eyecandy and diversity but it has the essential qualities of a good game - keeping my mind off problems :P

squidsquid responds:

Glad to be of assistance in distracting you ;)


that was mind blowing!!! its like omg!!! i got stuck at catch 22... the funny thing is that, well, i am stuck in catch 22. as in i have the book, i pick it up, but i never manage to finish it...

had so much fun in the sandbox mod, i think its just so cool, i had fun randomizing then watching it do its thing, then when it all stabilized, i driied getting rid off all the remaining cubes.

Please . . .

. . . someone needs to make a version for graphing calculator, and this seems like this would translate well.

More entertaining than one might think at first, mainly because it's not just a puzzler, it's more of a gadget, and the sandbox is ridiculously entertaining when one starts writing words in it.