Reviews for "The irRegularGame of Life"

Very fun but could use some upgrades.

To be honest I spent a lot of time in the sandbox and I have a suggestion if you ever plan on making an update or newer version. Saving cell structures for easy pasting on the grind. Kind of like a stamp so you don't have to click and drag as much. Maybe even toss in a rotation option. Don't know how difficult that would be to put in but maybe even a inverting option. Too be honest I wanted to fill the whole grid but I just have it in me to trace that whole grid. I know most of this is sandbox, hell maybe all, but this game leaves a lot of room for experimenting and it doesn't get stale quick.

Pretty good

Heres my pattern, messa round with it.

eNqtlVsOgCAMBK+03P9yxgfKY9vOh4QomMkYs Syt0SbQTgy57l7arq7a1rnK9lxU2T4ut7035b aRy2zDQJlt5mLbNFRsW7nItkwU2XbO27apvM1 xzmYeyNksJ/3LsffS72DrQteZ/TdaB6yuaJ2y uqf7iO1Lus9ZbtAcYrlGc5LlLs1xeiocNr0vr A==

squidsquid responds:

That was a nice one :)


its awesome

nothing else to say ^^'


This game is leet!


When I tried the game at first I found it nothing but frustrating, anyways I tried the sandbox mode which was quite fun to play around with all the patterns...


squidsquid responds:

Fair enough, nice pattern.