Reviews for "The irRegularGame of Life"

pretty good

that was a pretty good game and a thinker except when i used the codes

squidsquid responds:

Yes, there is usually not much thinking involved when you look up solutions.


i played through many of the puzzle levels, and then went to the sandbox mode. i love just playing with the thing. i'm still trying to figure out how to get a cool looking never ending sequence to evolve from a cool looking starting pattern...it's addictive! kudos!

no idont like it

I dont like it it confuses me. but if I tried a little harder i'd understand

squidsquid responds:

Why don't you, um, try a little harder then?


This is really confusing and i have no idea what to do yet, but this is still awesome.

squidsquid responds:

lol, nice one.

exploding penis and odd pincher-things

exploding penis:

eNrtkbENACAMw16K/3+OhQGx1EhlAi9dLDVtk s9jMCm9bVZeJd7yZD4692I9XD7i+kD1qzzES9 Yz0pYvB2KnF9QdnxMGI0QseA==

Odd pincher things-(these things are interesting)

eNrtkTEKADAQwr5k/v+5Fkr3DI7G9QjoJWOM8 YHq2U1QOoySZzRCyrNg+5JuXyus/tdyAKxKLG Q=

It's like an interactive fractal, only not as colorful!