Reviews for "The irRegularGame of Life"

very different

interesting game indeed. my suggestion is that you put a link for the original game of life. for comparing.

squidsquid responds:

Thanks, I was originally going to provide "extra reading" but the sandbox is just a version of the original game, plus its very easy to google :)

Exploding girl with big boobs

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Nice idea

I like the idea, but it became a bit treacherous after a while.

squidsquid responds:


very cool game lol

I don't know how but i get to de 21 level :P Then I get frustrated but the animation is pretty good. If you use sandbox you can make fireworks :D Thanks for uploading n.n


Kinda boring. Maybe it's just me. I'm not really the nerdy brainiac type, but this gets really boring after a dozen or so levels. I don't think I'd be able to sit through all 40.