Reviews for "The irRegularGame of Life"

Great game

I could stare at these forms for hours on end lol. Very addicting for a game based on four rules.

I am very impressed

Congratz because this game is very amazing i enjoyed playing it and i learned something to help me out a little. thanks man it was fun. =D

different and a GOOD waste of time

good game.
PROS= it was very simple, easy to understand, useful for help in logic and fun.
CONS= a little TO simple, maybee a little extra to play around with is needed (a little more than a colour change) to improve the newgrounds audience experience and keep them into the game for longer.
overall still a 9 tho for a good idea and game, congrats, :)


I liked the VERY unique style. Great sounds! It did take a bit of thinking but I bet most people looked at the hint and clicked random squares to see what would happen. But it's really hard if you actually think about it. Well done.


This is something I've studied in one of my classes, and it's really cool to see it taken into an actual game. Puzzles aren't my favorite kind of game, but I appreciate the originality a lot, nice job.