Reviews for "The irRegularGame of Life"

Really Cool Beans

Can someone send me an irrational code?


Puzzles are fun but truly the sandbox is da bomb
Dang life is fun when it is little pink dots!


very fun game and a good brain teaser.
heres a code eNozMBgFo2AU4AKGqAAogCEGlRgFo2AEAgDtU ixk
it makes everything from robots,emotions,flowers, holes,and tanks.
i loved the game

nice ^^

I didn't like solving the puzzles a lot, but i fell in love with the sandbox *drool*. I've been fooling around with it a little and came up with a nice pattern ^^
eNqtlVsSwyAMA6+kvf/l8m7TBJv9KH+gnWFsZ AF2RawNE+AKkTm4MWQK7giZgQdBJuAJkB68dN KCH5l04FclDXgTSQ3eNVKCPxKV8thQ3pSGS1X +y1ZF3xkX+T5l6KII7t9n8l5Zh+yL7LN8N+kD 6SvpU+l7OUdyLuWcy9yQOSRzTeakzF2b4/ZXW ABV/y0o


wtf is this i dont get it lmao i mean i liked it actually i loved it but i dont get the rules of the game but i keep winning this games just so fun cuz idk i just place a blok and BAM!!! i win lol aww man i suck at life =D nice job