Reviews for "The irRegularGame of Life"

The game didnt achive its goal

I think that the goal of this game is to entertain people and to make u think, well even though I like math games i didnt think at all, Its just about clicking, if u fail in one spot just click another one, I know it did requite a bit of logic, but besides that it was just clicking many times, and i really like math games, but i obviously didnt try to imagine what cells were going to be alife after 20 generations. Mayb u should have done fewer generations, or do it the other way around show us how the outcoming generation was gonna look like so we did the first one, but now after 10, 15 20 generatios man, no1 is gonna try to imagine how they are gonna end they are jsut gonna click. I liked the music, i like that the game was diferent, but original dosent always mean better. Keep up the hard work

squidsquid responds:

Its true that no-one can really imagine how a pattern might evolve 20 generations in the future. Its also true that you don't need to think in depth about the rules and exactly which cells are likely to live or die in future generations in order to solve many of the levels. One of the main points about the game of life is that it is very hard to predict the outcome based on only small changes in initial conditions. For this reason I had to restrict the levels in terms of numbers of cell placements, and provide clues in the level names and starting patterns.

The game didn't achieve its goal only if you believe the goal was to have people really understand the exact rules and base their actions on that understanding. But this would have been a very dull and restricted game, and the cool patterns that arise in the game of life would by and large not have been seen! One of the main aims of the game was to present these fascinating patterns, and to do it in a way where _some_ thinking and logic was required to solve the levels.

Conway was a genius.

And so are you. The glider became so popular, it became a heacker symbol.
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Glider Gun.

squidsquid responds:

lol - genius is a stretch but I'll take it ;)

Well done!

You have no idea how long I've waited for a Comp Sci/math flash game. Conway's Game of Life is certainly a beautiful topic to make a game with!

I'd greatly approve more game theory applications on Newgrounds.

squidsquid responds:

I've been really impressed by how popular such a nerdy game has proven :)


Nice game dude, the game of life always was a little stale... but you did a good job! I can't imagine the programming that went into this though.

Oh, heres one:

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I'm sure everyones already thought of that one, but its kinda sweet how if you look carefully, you see all kinds of faces.


I seen that game in one of Will Wright's early video of Spore...he was talking about the game of life and I was so interested it...(wait..does that make me a nerd?)

Anyway, now that i played your game..its amazing!

(too awesome for further words)