Reviews for "The irRegularGame of Life"

Wow, Its incredible...

Very Intelligent game. almost got fed up and looked for a walkthrough, but decided to push on and i figured them all out. took me an hour to do so, but whatever. also, check out this one i created:

D7j2aAcf7tBIuTMsOblJAwZG89EfTBwcB5czc FcNXaHjwOXqPMc+F1plvp+AvOfSV3fqZ47aCV H2wf4OrPtV71DMwWLOkuuZyz7QadPsiREnjql 9ZX9v4tNl39v2TPYocmt7ufW5DgYbLaQ=

Go to sand box, copy the code above, paste in space next to "Load Code" and press enter. Enjoy. :)

good idea, borring game

this game has got a great idea behind it, but theres alot of things that should be changed before this game deserves a higher rating! make the play area bigger, it is way too small, it is no fun clicking one pixel at a time especialy if you have bad eyes. also controls kinda suck, theres no back button in the tutorial. I dont wanna rag on tihs game too much because i do like the idea ALOT. it jsut needs alot of improvement.


...and great game!


burn that rope spam XD


such simple programming turned into a very popular game of the mind. You sir, should be in marketing.