Reviews for "The irRegularGame of Life"


It's complicated to understand how to play but too easy to beat. I know it doesn't make since but it's true.

cool as game

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I think my brain exploded

Very cool game... if you can call it a game. It really felt like my kind of game at first but the lack of instructions made it hard to catch on. I wish you could have showed us some basic patterns that did different things and leave the more complex stuff for us to figure out.

Also, the music drove me crazy. I don't know how else to explain it other than a comparison to tetris. Tetris is a puzzle game that really need a make over since the very beginning. After several years, the game became a flashy light show that made you feel special for clearing out a line.

I think this game deserves a makeover aswell. You could throw in some crazy particle effects so different reactions show different light effects. Also, the music drove me crazy. All in all, the game has great potential but didn't have the looks that it could've had. Great start, can't wait for the next one!

squidsquid responds:

Glad you enjoyed it, I think you raise a good point about the instructions, if I make a sequel I'm going to try to spell out the rules a little more explicitly and use examples. I don't agree with your tetris comparison at all - tetris was a great game right from the start and the so called makeovers have just added a bit of eye-candy but not really altered the fundamental game, which is by far the most important part. I also think particle effects etc would be completely unnecessary in this game and probably even detract from the observation of the amazing patterns and pattern evolution which is the main attraction.

Its always the case that some people like whatever music you choose while others don't, there is a mute button on the game screen if you don't like it.

Join the nerds!


I wish I was a nerd and understanded all this stuff, it's a funny game though

Nice and original!

I'm fascinated by the patterns of the "game of life", but they easily become too complex for me... I really like the idea of making a game out of it. Any chance of allowing us players to let patterns evolve step-by-step? (Yes, I'm a programmer... ;)

squidsquid responds:

Yes, a step-by-step evolution option is a good idea and something I'll add if I make a sequel!