Reviews for "The irRegularGame of Life"

Very nice!

Here's a code :P
It's just an idea I was messing with.

I don't find puzzles where you need to make patterns symmetrical difficult at all.

cool, but hard

the puzzles were interesting, but i would've liked to see you put in more formations, the puzzles felt a bit too plain

I got stuck on one of the levels, but I went into sandbox and discovered a pretty interesting code: eNqtlVsSwyAMA6+kvf/l8m7TBJv9KH+gnWFsZ AF2RawNE+AKkTm4MWQK7giZgQdBJuAJkB68dN KCH5l04FclDXgTSQ3eNVKCPxKV8thQ3pSGS1X +y1ZF3xkX+T5l6KII7t9n8l5Zh+yL7LN8N+kD 6SvpU+l7OUdyLuWcy9yQOSRzTeakzF2b4/ZXW ABV/y0o (long code LOL sorry)

cool but hard

this is tough. go to sandbox -
figth turns in to a dance
eNozMBhxwNDQkKo6qW0efU2gwDwMxYYGxOnGo Y5s80Z4sqSPeYM21AyJS3LEpSXDkRFs1AMAIK Qsbg==