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Reviews for "Mr Unlucky and The Cola"


That was bladdy hilarious matey! fwahahahhaha!


haha that was hilarious


fairly funny but not that much effort has gone into this. Also when he kicked the can the wrong foot bled... and shouldn't the title be "MR unluck and the cola" instead of "MY unlucky and the cola". other than that i thought it was quite good! very funny and next time if you do some tweeking of the sound quality and your 'art style' it will be good!

OmarShehata responds:

Thanks, I'm sure he'd appreciate this if he read it. This was also his first flash by the way.

Cliche Violence

Great song in the opening. Where did you get that? However, I feel like opening is too long and I thought it was the main toon for quite a while. The random violence is kind of dumb, both in the opening and the main toon.

The sped-up voice is difficult to understand, and at first I thought they were just soundclips from one of the many violent-cute-animal cartoons out there. Perhaps the voice could be more normal... or perhaps the characters could just speak gibberish. The story is simple enough that their tones of voice would be all that people need to understand them.

I like the colours. All of them. They contrast tastefully. Though I feel like the art style is too simple yet, it shouldn't become too complicated if you want to keep those great colour contrasts.

OmarShehata responds:

Thanks for the review and the song is called scatman by scatman.

5 marks is the only proper rating for this video

The whole video was not reall funny at all. The humor was tasteless and childish. The only really funny part was that he had a high voice. However I can commend you in a couple of places. Not many people who submit flashes to daily polled put in their videos a little trailor at the start to explain just what the video is about. Most people give a title and dive straight into the video. The ending was fairly funny as well. I think that what you need to do is make another flash that is simple and has a basic plot and ending to it with some sort of twist. If people like that flash then I believe that it will will give you the confidence to make another comedy flsh but to a much higher standard. With flsh like this you need to keep making more and more until you reallt get the hang of it, then you will start to impress.