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Reviews for "Trapped with Zombies"

not bad,,, in fact, it is kinda fun

and... i agree with ZeroPaladn... you should use _spacebar_ to shoot.... should use arrow keys / LMB to shoot... and mouse to aim....

Your getting there...

It's coming along nicely, im a fan of arena shooters.

I'm not tyring to repeat what someone else has said, but you need to change the control scheme. Mouse to aim, arrow keys to shoot is ideal. Also, a neat idea for it would be to add behavioural patterns to you guys. Agressive and he runs around beating on shit. Defensive means he stick around, but beats on whoever gets close. Coward means he runs FAST. also, being able to arm your guys instead of them coming with baseball bats would be another neat idea (buy guns for them, ect). Keep it up!


A fun game. I think you could rework the artwork a little bit, but overall gameplay was fantastic. nice job.


Look the game looks fucked up, and you move like a piece of shit that got motherfucked (no offense) increase the speed and let your shoot be LMB, and then have the skills under your numbers, and like punk-u up, yeah movement wasd.

Very addictive..

It would be nice to see the background change every so often..maybe the classic farm or mall setting..just to spice it up a bit