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Reviews for "Trapped with Zombies"

awesome game

really cool game dude, make some more.


great game, a little hard though. You can move and turn, AND to a 180, and my guys never get in the way, in fact they run away from pretty much everything...

so, Just make turning speed a little faster, or include 90 degree turns.


1. Inability to move and turn at the same time.
2. The guys you have to keep alive always get in the way.
3. kind of slow, not amazingly exciting.

This was an ok game overall, though.


health and energy packs dispear too fast!
but other than that great game ^^^

I liked this game.

I enjoyed this game, haveing survivors made it more interesting and adding lots of zobies made it a little faster. However things that cold be improved on would be, more zombie entrances, better GUY intelligence, weapon selection, better upgrades, different maps, and meters for GUY living guy stats...thats can be expanded or minimized.