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Reviews for "Mouse-Eaters 2"


I can't believe I beat it. Well yes I can but for a minute I was getting nervous trying to beat level 30.

Let me start by telling you I don't like many games. That isn't to say many games are bad or good. But I love this game! This game was so cool and, right off the bat I knew I'd love it.

everything about it- to me- is perfect. It's a very simple Idea and it's hard as fuck! I loved the fact that keys would fall off your mouse if you moved to fast, levels moved, there were different mouse eaters- the BLUE ONES ARE SO FUN TO DODGE!!! I especially loved The LAST LEVEL!! Very nice! I felt so rewarded by beating this game.

Anyway I hope you make another one soon. Please make more levels that are hard like 30! It's fun!


chesster415 responds:

Thank you. I didn't expect anyone to beat it on the first day. A few of the levels took me several hours, just to test if they were possible.

Very fun

Although the menu button isn't working. might wanna check that out. it's a little annoying. still very fun.

chesster415 responds:

O.K. the menu button is fixed now.



chesster415 responds:

There's really no trick to it. You just lure the red one away from the gap and try to slide the key through until you can carry it to the door. Don't worry about holding on to the key the whole time drop it and move somewhere safe if you get into trouble. If the game skips try to lower the quality so it runs smoother.

EDIT: 10/24/10 Sorry about that typo. Just now noticed it.


I like the idea,but better graphics please. Other than that,I like it.

nice but

would be a 10 but level 15 is fucking gay because its impossible

chesster415 responds:

More people seem to hate level 16 actually.