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Reviews for "Mouse-Eaters 2"


I can't believe I beat it. Well yes I can but for a minute I was getting nervous trying to beat level 30.

Let me start by telling you I don't like many games. That isn't to say many games are bad or good. But I love this game! This game was so cool and, right off the bat I knew I'd love it.

everything about it- to me- is perfect. It's a very simple Idea and it's hard as fuck! I loved the fact that keys would fall off your mouse if you moved to fast, levels moved, there were different mouse eaters- the BLUE ONES ARE SO FUN TO DODGE!!! I especially loved The LAST LEVEL!! Very nice! I felt so rewarded by beating this game.

Anyway I hope you make another one soon. Please make more levels that are hard like 30! It's fun!


chesster415 responds:

Thank you. I didn't expect anyone to beat it on the first day. A few of the levels took me several hours, just to test if they were possible.


good game but I found a glitch (I hope I explain it right)
on the level select thing i could click to choose a level and then move the mouse quickly to where the exit is going for that level to be then I win the level without doing it properly
to get around this maybe make it so you have to click on the mouse first before you can start moving it(like for the pause menu).

Also you should have a background to make it cooler

still a quite good game though. keep up the good work!

Pretty fun...

+ Fun levels, well designed.

+ Right click proof.

+ Very playable.

+ Saves your progress.

- Ads EVERY TIME YOU LOSE. Yes, they annoy me.

- Level select screen has problems. (Such as, as soon as you select a certain level, you're eaten.

- Is level 21 broken?

Overall: 3/5, 6/10. Favorited. Not a bad game.

chesster415 responds:

The ads may be too punishing, I've taken them out for Newgrounds users, sorry about the being eaten just out of the level select thing, Level 21 was broken sorry about that, I've fixed it now.


Its nice but after lvl 17 it got pretty difficult either way this was still a very good game it could also use a replay button as it got kinda annoying to go to the level selector and pick your level again

Good, but not quite done

This game is good, with a really good idea, but it doesn't seem quite finished. Also, one major flaw, the level select, on some levels you spawn on a mouse eater so you can't use it very well, also you can end up skipping levels. fix that and its great.
Maybe make a beastiary to fill out? that would be cool and fun

chesster415 responds:

A beastiary is a good idea, thanks. Skipping levels with the level selecter is allowed. (It's actually how I intended people to beat level five.) I'll agree getting eaten as you spawn should go though.