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Reviews for "Mouse-Eaters 2"

Actually good!

The game is fun but you get bored pretty fast. I drop the key every time :D. 7 points.

Kind of funny

In the beginning you could just move your mouse outside the window and move it to the door from behind, if you fix this i bet you could get some higher scores, but exept from that it was a good idea and i liked it =)

chesster415 responds:

It's planned that way, level 6 is almost impossible if you don't go outside the play area, (or cheat using the level select). Once you get past the easy levels it becomes much harder to cheat. I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

very original

i thought i could cheat my way thru the whole game... Damn Keys..

this game could use some backgrounds and music

chesster415 responds:

Backgrounds are probably a good idea. It does have music you can set in the options menu. If you don't wan't to be bothered to find a song to play in the background type "default" or leave the address bar blank to play the preloaded background loop.

nice game!

altough i've managed to cheat untill the part with the keys
now that's a bit of a problem


no cheating? :((((

chesster415 responds:

Not with the right click menu. Other methods, (like going off-screen) are still fine.