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Reviews for "Ninjistics"

It needs to be redone

A lot of things should be redone. Music needs a mute button and some variation. Gameplay needs to be worked on as it's too boring to just jump around. Use a better background. Give the character a chance to get back on the middle of the screen. Make it faster if you don't want to. And increase the difficulty of the game.

Nothing much.

It's fun, and I like how you need to switch colors to advance through certain areas, but it's boring and there's really nothing much going for it. This seems like an experimental kind of game, like you wanted to test out certain physics and then you decided to show us. One thing I have to say is that it's annoying how the controls for changing colors comes up right as your playing and about to dodge one of the "Chakras" or whatever, and then it just completely messes you up.

Work on this. Make it better. Add something.


too many games out there like this

maybe if you syncronized the music to the spawning of the obsticles, and made each level based on a different song, kind of like a StepMania with a ninja type visual.



Needs some work

I had to give this one a 1/5, not that effort wasn't put into it, but it's nothing that hasn't been seen many times before. Add something to make it different or interesting, and fix that bug were you get stuck in the barrier when you jump, and I'll like it.