Reviews for "It's Okay, ki10!"

Are JBomb and Ki10 one?

Hehe... I just noticed that JBomb and Ki10 both do the same thing to movies! Vote 0! No matter what it is! I have nothing against the clocks, however, some of the Crew is funnier than other members. Some just suck, and some are funny. But none of them are gutbusting funny. I kinda enjoy movies by PlumClock and KnotsberryClock... please don't hurt me! I'm half asleep! It's 3 o' clock in the morning!!

hey, i liked this one

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We're Crap haters not clock haters

its true!

its true what raspberry clock told me! since they changed the system, ki1os reviews all have the same time on them until the next grounds gold day!


I kinda feel the same way.

Enuf Clocks!

Please, i've had to watch enough shitty ass clock flashes..I mean I guess you may have spent a lot of work drawing the different clocks or whatever... But sill, I mean they aren't that funny... Unless you actually came up with stuff that was funneh for them?
I dunno, I guess that was alright, I still don't see the point in it :P