Reviews for "Fulp Baby!"


Good lord i havn't laughed that hard in a long time. That was just so strangely hilarious, especially the end bit, the british accent was a little over-stereotyped but aside from that this is one flash that should stay in the minds of many. 9/10

JoSilver responds:

Ah, A smile on someones face is all I was after!

What the fuck?!

The british accent was so british it became hard to understand (well, I say british, but it could be just DUMBASS accent too XD). Nice work.... I guess XD

JoSilver responds:

LOL!!! I did the accent becuase I just started talking and thats what came out!!


im noticing a rather large pattern involveing toms wife.... it dosent seem.... right but this was hillarious. great job

JoSilver responds:

You look me in the face and tell me that everything on newgrounds is correct.
yeah can't, can ya'! GLAD YA LIKED IT!!!! and just remember I didn't make it with any kind of malice in my heart. I got nothing but love for the fulps.

Dude, that was pretty funny

Funny man, really random :D
PedophilicIncest what with you man?

JoSilver responds:

he is just lonly that's all... ALL HE NEEDS IS LOVE!!! SPREAD THE LOVE PEOPLE!!!!!

Not sure what that last reveiw is about

But i liked fulp baby

JoSilver responds:

Me neither but thank you!!!