Reviews for "Fulp Baby!"


That was sick, disturbing, pointless, and simultaneously hilarious. Good show, ol' chap.

JoSilver responds:

When brain cells die form watching something you know it's good.


Way to make an epic thread even epicer.

JoSilver responds:

yet I failed to make it epicerer.....

That was so fucked up

But amazingly funny at the same time.

JoSilver responds:

Awesome!!! I was bored one day after checking out that thread!

Are you sure?

If you hover over the picture that prompts you to replay, it will change to "Are you sure?" :D
I think the movie is funny, but only because of that finishing touch it has a 10 from me :D

JoSilver responds:

I aim to please =D

Wow, pretty funny!

That was really funny. At first I didn't know what to think but after watching it I thought it was really funny.

Good job. =P. Let's see what Tom says if/when he sees it.

JoSilver responds:

I wonder when will he'll bitch slap me!!!! tommorow or next week!!!