Reviews for "Fulp Baby!"


That was pretty fucking epic if I may say so myself. This really does deserve the daily third that it got. Sorry for the short review, but funny as hell. It has great humor and everything. This may be start of a new collection of Tom Kid flashes. Great job man.


JoSilver responds:

I like short reviews as long as they get to the point cause sometime people write long reviews and all you really have to do is look at they're closing statement and save your self 30 seconds of reading, lol!
And thank you, maybe I do deserve this award but I won my first from this!!!! LOL!!

very funny

the title says it all....

JoSilver responds:

that's cool.


It was wierd but AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

JoSilver responds:

indeed my friend, indeed.

Loved it

One of the funniest voice acting ive heard. Loved the acsent. Could be longer.

JoSilver responds:

if I made it longer it may have hurt it it's value, like have you ever seen a movie that using the same joke over and over for 2 hours... it stops being funny after 2 minutes but maybe it could'a been longer.
and I like my voice acting too.

Frickin' Brilliant.

It took guts to submit a flash on such a recent topic, but I have to say congratulations because you made it work. The funny thing was that there was no animation, just cut out images, yet it better than most of the submissions on the site. The Scottish accent was an excellent addition. I'm going to recommend it to the Newgrounds Parodies collection. I'm sure this will get into Flash Portal History 2008 because Tom will be sure to mention his baby and this will be a great follow up. This seems like it would be a cartoon on Adult Swim. Anyway keep up the great work!

JoSilver responds:

Well, I'm not really the first to poke fun at it but from what I've seen I'm one of the first do make a flash about it, or at least one worth mentioning, but hey, it was all just for fun and if upset tom, well then I'll feel just awful. anywho the whole cut-out thing was to stay inline with the photoshop thread and I'm really happy on how it turned out. I haven't heard anything from tom about this so I wonder how he feels about it.... hmmmmm....