Reviews for "Fulp Baby!"

this was hilarious!

I loved the imported graphics style of this flash. Voice acting was above average. Very well put together. It was funny from start to finish. "hey april, lets make a baby" with a fat bastard type voice was the funniest thing i've heard all day today. great work on this!

JoSilver responds:

Glad you liked my voice acting!!!


it was good i just didnt like the idea that its was motion made and luckily im not tom fulp becuase im sure he would be mad if he saw it ouch

JoSilver responds:

Well... If I didn't use motion tween I'd have to add like a billion keyframes for everytime I wanted the imported bitmaps to move for 2 seconds... But I understand what your saying here, motion are the simplest way to animate but can you really blame someone for using them....


"Where's my babeyh?"
Jesus, you got the voices good.

JoSilver responds:

why thank you!

EHhhhhhhhh not the baby

Awsome so fucking histariole

JoSilver responds:


So funny

Loved the voices, Wade sounded like an axe murderer :P

JoSilver responds:

LOL!!!! yeah, I did the voices at random and that's what came out when I did wade!!!