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Reviews for "Walloheen Mobie"


Very good stuff here. The 3d looked very profesh, not like most of the crap whipped up on swift 3D in a few minutes. Charecters seemed to work well with the backgrounds, and I liked the ending muchly =)
9/10 (10/10 if I didn't fall down the stairs this morning)


not bad, but not so great... why would he eat his own apple filled with death?!

so so...

kind of wierd and phsycopathic idea but i get it, i mean,creepy though like courage the cowardly dog...
keep it up but try next time not to put bad effort to the stuff that dont matter,Extra stuff are extra good.

the blood should be better though,XD blood rulez...
keep trying though you have the right confidence and graphical ideas for the newgrounds team,and ill tell you i dont work for the newgrounds team with tom and the gang (even though id love to...) i like your work. Especcialy how you mixed the 2-D with the 3-D ,good job, and a bit longer will make it extrordinary but besides that,your a nice animation maker keep it up.

Now thats what u call going overboard.

Wtf was this guy thinking? The look on the kids face was priceless. Great animation newgrounder. I hoped u had a Happy Halloween.

EvilSeed responds:

not really, i was busy :(, thats why i coudlnt finish on time.... but i ate a lot of candy, i had nightmares because of that... really, it was a giant lolipop chasing me and then a cat with a mask of Leo (the ninja turtle) started to eat the lolipop and saved me... i think it was candy induced becuase of the theme.

Awesome but weard Video

you want my advice on nightmeres?
i stopped having that after i put a special rule

NEVER go to sleep unlesh your thinking about something that makes you happy and isnt scary in any way

EvilSeed responds:

Nightmares are cool... sometimes, they give you ideas..... ONE year ago!??1 Deamn!!...