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Reviews for "Walloheen Mobie"

Oh my god

It may be two days late, but this is fucking EXCELLENT. It may even be the most amusing halloween flash I've seen, just because it's dark humor is so well executed, well done. Oh, and don't worry about you're voices, They turned out perfect for this one.

EvilSeed responds:

I still think those voices sound really weird, never really heard myself recorded... well, in context, until now.... thanks glad you liked it.


Brilliant! Could have been longer but it was Brilliant :D

I like it

The blend of 3D and 2D is certainly different from what I am used to seeing, which makes it a plus in my book. The humour is similar to what I have seen before, having read JTHM.

EvilSeed responds:

Yeah i've always been somehow influenced by Jhonen Vasquez since Invader Zim, specially in the recent drawings ive been doing out of boredom at work, but i've never been able to take a deep look into JTHM (thats waht were talking about right?, or maybe is some other thing with the same initials?), ive just heard and seen some pictures... anyway, thanks, glad you liked it.


its funny but odd
need some improvments

Frightening and funny.....

How could I miss this?, it was pretty cool, it was the perfect mix of humor and horror. Great job my friend. BTW, you´re not a bad voice actor, you should make voices more often.