Reviews for "Walloheen Mobie"


Very good stuff here. The 3d looked very profesh, not like most of the crap whipped up on swift 3D in a few minutes. Charecters seemed to work well with the backgrounds, and I liked the ending muchly =)
9/10 (10/10 if I didn't fall down the stairs this morning)

Oh my god

It may be two days late, but this is fucking EXCELLENT. It may even be the most amusing halloween flash I've seen, just because it's dark humor is so well executed, well done. Oh, and don't worry about you're voices, They turned out perfect for this one.

EvilSeed responds:

I still think those voices sound really weird, never really heard myself recorded... well, in context, until now.... thanks glad you liked it.


The end is little strange and I cant hear wath that man said, but the art was good :D
I give u 7/10