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Reviews for "Walloheen Mobie"

so so...

kind of wierd and phsycopathic idea but i get it, i mean,creepy though like courage the cowardly dog...
keep it up but try next time not to put bad effort to the stuff that dont matter,Extra stuff are extra good.

the blood should be better though,XD blood rulez...
keep trying though you have the right confidence and graphical ideas for the newgrounds team,and ill tell you i dont work for the newgrounds team with tom and the gang (even though id love to...) i like your work. Especcialy how you mixed the 2-D with the 3-D ,good job, and a bit longer will make it extrordinary but besides that,your a nice animation maker keep it up.


Hmmm.... A little short

EvilSeed responds:

I know :(


The blend of 2D and 3D was cool. The voice work was fine, its not like there was a lot after all lol. The 3D art was great, the 2D was good. And the music was good for the movie as well. Only thing that would of made this better, be if it was longer as it was a bit too short. Maybe it would of been cooler, if the guy did a haunted house thing and the boy went in, getting all freaked out since its all real and not pretend.

Also, nice touch with the nod to Alien Hominid with the boys costume. Course, where is the gun haha!

EvilSeed responds:

I know its short, and i know i could have made it longer but i just didnt really had much time to do this one.... and thats a really good idea, i had all the elements but i dunno why i didnt thought of that before... shame on me, that couldve been great.... anyway thanks for the comments.


I Liked It


That was weird but kinda funny at the same time, creepy music and voices.