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Reviews for "Walloheen Mobie"

Awesome but weard Video

you want my advice on nightmeres?
i stopped having that after i put a special rule

NEVER go to sleep unlesh your thinking about something that makes you happy and isnt scary in any way

EvilSeed responds:

Nightmares are cool... sometimes, they give you ideas..... ONE year ago!??1 Deamn!!...

Frightening and funny.....

How could I miss this?, it was pretty cool, it was the perfect mix of humor and horror. Great job my friend. BTW, you´re not a bad voice actor, you should make voices more often.

Now thats what u call going overboard.

Wtf was this guy thinking? The look on the kids face was priceless. Great animation newgrounder. I hoped u had a Happy Halloween.

EvilSeed responds:

not really, i was busy :(, thats why i coudlnt finish on time.... but i ate a lot of candy, i had nightmares because of that... really, it was a giant lolipop chasing me and then a cat with a mask of Leo (the ninja turtle) started to eat the lolipop and saved me... i think it was candy induced becuase of the theme.


its funny but odd
need some improvments


that was well animated but over all.........freaking creepy