Reviews for "A Dream Of My Own"

This is easily my favorite of all your songs.

mmoscat responds:

Thank you my friend! :-D

Love it. This track is very reminiscent of Danny Elfman, so much so, it got to the point that while judging I actually had to check my iTunes library to make sure it wasn't stolen audio!

It's also one of my favorite entries from the contest since this style is very close to my own natural cinematic style.

This is very, very classic 80s/90s Danny Elfman. And I love it.

mmoscat responds:

Thank you very much! :-D
Yeah, I actually got inspired after watching Edward Scissorhands and I wanted to do something in the style of traditional Elfman, I'm glad you liked it!

I absolutely love this piece. If I may ask, what did you use for the strings, horns, choir, drums and chimes?

mmoscat responds:

Thank you! :-D

For this piece I'm mostly using EWQL Platinum Symphonic Orchestra, specifically for the Strings, Horns and Percussion... I'm also using some String patches from Omnisphere...
For the Choir I'm using Symphonic Choirs (Boys mostly) as well as different Choirs from Omnisphere...

The intro to this reminds me of Fable. Well, the entire track does. I'm not sure why, but it just really does.

And I really thoroughly enjoy this. It creates an amazing magical and relaxing atmosphere, I'd say the vocal samples really help do that. THe track is very short, I feel this could've easily been at least a bit longer. I can't shake how much this reminds me of the first Fable, the early years with no danger and everything is just very harmonic.

mmoscat responds:

Hey! Thanks so much for your comment :-D

If it reminds you of Fable that's a good thing! Fable's score was definitely a great one... I agree with you that it could have been a longer piece, perhaps I should do a different version and lengthen this piece a bit!

Reminded me of Edward Scissorhands, I love it when strings and the music box tones mix together, it feels very innocent and as if the world is your oyster. I wish this was a bit longer, i woulda wanted to see what more you can do with it.

Great job