Reviews for "2 Minute Battle"

I want teh cookie!

Nice dude I'm good at sticks as well but I don't post them, anyway you are way better than me at sticks so you get my vote.

also next time use the text and not hand write.

zackfire17 responds:

yeah sorry about the crap handwriting


You did pretty good on the animation. I couldnt read the words pretty well but anyway good flash.

zackfire17 responds:

again srry about the crappy writing
thanks though

can i has a cookzor?

I would have passed this just from the animation work done on this; the environment felt really dynamic and the frames were fluid.

But throw in a story and dialogue on top of it all? =ftw lol

zackfire17 responds:



cool and lol cookie

zackfire17 responds:

cookie = instant LOLZ

Yet Again!!

Awesome work!!! And Of Course Thanks for using my SONG!!

zackfire17 responds:

haha credits song both times
its a good song