Reviews for "2 Minute Battle"

Too many blurs

Basically, your animation is made of overused blurs and crappy smoke effects. >_>' 4/10 2/5 Put more work in your animation, don't let the computer do all the work.

zackfire17 responds:

i will next time
i actually agree
too much blurs, especially when they are fight hand to hand
i draw my stickmen with the brush tool, but everyone else who animates good stick movies seems to use the pencil and line tool
i just tried it, its so much simpler to do fbf
so next time im gonna increase the frame rate and draw more sequences of fbf
instead of just blurring everything when they move real fast

but blurring really doesnt make things a huge amount easier
it actually makes it harder to do fbf
the only thing it helps with is make the characters look like they're moving really fast

but blur is really useful and it makes thing look really cool
so im still gonna use it

i think i've contradicted myself twice here

oh well

sould go on front page

Everything was good, but the stick men.... though i like stick men :D

zackfire17 responds:

hah thanks

Cookie -----------------> o

The backround was white :|

make sure you put alot of detail into each frame,backrounds make it look much better.I hope this will be useful next animation u make ^_^

Anyways,good job...the smoke effects are best!

zackfire17 responds:

ill put a backround in the next one

DUDE THAT WAS F*************************** AWESOME

SICK FLASH DUDE!, all over one cookie how sad..... NAH JUST KIDDING AWESOME-O

i could never make a flash as good as that 1! awesome and the music went great towards the flash AWESOME 10/10 5/5



it was funny good animation but there is one question left: Who did get the cookie?

zackfire17 responds:

i dont know
cuz green definitely got pwned
maybe red and blue learn to share?