Reviews for "Spam Tower Defense"

wow what how he know my name

he can know my username does he know my password

cHunter responds:

You're right, I don't know your password.

Freakin' Hilarious.

I loved it.

cHunter responds:

I love it too! =D


You scared me there

i was like WHAT HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME and then i realized you just used the username variable

cHunter responds:

ya rly. Pretty much all my flashes use that username variable. =D


That creeped me out, man, that creeped me out.. Your scripting is real good to be able to track the usernames...

cHunter responds:

It's actually quite easy. Just ng_username. :D


I like how it specifies that the player is a dick if they're logged in. Fun stuff.

cHunter responds:

Ya rly. <3