Reviews for "Spam Tower Defense"


that was hillarious i was actually expecting a game!
you got me fooled!LOL!

cHunter responds:

Don't worry, I fooled quite a few people! =D


Can you do anthing at all or is the whole thing just you turning into.......a giant penis.

cHunter responds:

lol dicks


how do u get out of the dick screen

cHunter responds:

You don't. It's a spam flash. Haha.


I liked it. But, I liked it more after I found out what happens when you sign in :P
Very Unique. I think...

cHunter responds:

Yeah, I try to incorporate the user into the flash. That way it makes them feel special and rate higher. :P


I actually wasn't surprised to see my alias on a flash about spam, before I realized it was using the username variable.

cHunter responds:

lolol, c'mon now. What flash have I made that doesn't include the viewer in some way? Besides my first flash that is... D: