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Reviews for "Frantic"

Awsome Game

Just Finished the game.....
Two thumbs Up......
Very Addictive.....


the best and most addictive thing ever and the song is great


exelent game reminds me of old school arcade shooters


It was really easy at first, and then gets more difficult, but the problem is it goes above your head a bit too quickly. Very fun.

Fun game

Frantic is reminiscent of the old fighter games of old many of us enjoyed as a child, depending on how long we've been on this Earth heh. Fast paced space fighter action with players required to either bring some serious reflexes and dexterity to the table or lose out fairly swiftly.

For a flash graphically Frantic didn't have all the shine and glamor that has been seen on some projects here on Newgrounds, but what it does utilize was appropriate for this style of game. The sound effects used all be it a little repetitive which would speak more about the genre were clear and crisp and made you believe for that briefest of moments that indeed you were blowing countless hundreds of alien craft back to their makers.

Included in the game was the standard weapons upgrade which all good space shooters of this nature require and the fact time was taking to include this was appreciated. Apart from simple weapon upgrades a couple of random other bonuses were thrown in that mixed it up a little.

Frantic unfortunately did have a couple of small issues but don't lose heart because this is indicative of most newer/first series games. The mouse responsiveness fell a little short. To test this simply move your mouse at high speed in any direction and see the lag taken for your ship to move to the location. You get used to it and sure players are fine, but its sill a point I'd point out for a fix in the future. Background music was a little repetitive, try mixing up tracks between levels. I also felt for the number of slots given to players for weapons was one to short. Having upgraded the stock standard fields and having money to spare the upgrade for 1-UP weapon upgrade would have been nice, but sadly zero space to put it.