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Reviews for "Frantic"


Well the think more cool of this game is the like easy not that easy but it is kind of easy and also is like one of my favorite games ever and i mean TOUHOU it's just
awesome and decent nice nice gob

Decent at best..

Let me explain. As a lot of people seem to dig this as i seem to just dis this.
It has everything i hate in a Shoot Em Up. Well more like Flaws that many people seem to add in there game or don't really have an experience with this genre. I Found this game to have a lack of detail. It's just blank like 1 lair of Paint. Besides the coins and ships it seems bland. As the game wasn't going for a differential art style i cant resist to mention it. And the my biggest gripe with a lot of Shmups or what have you. Is this game is so discouraging. Discouraging as its flat out telling you to camp in a corner and let the game shoot it self only to kill everything in sight then move over once a Boss comes a long, try it out. Click stage one go in a corner then let your ship masturbate and comeback to the boss.

I Find my self being generous to this game mainly for all the interesting Powerups or Parts. (Cards as there called here) Its a cool level of Replayability.
But beyond that i found another Shooter.

It's fun i can't deny really i don't really want to but.. it just seems to cross the line of Déjà vu. Shoot Boss Powe Up.

hell yeah

i swear this game gets better every time i play it

master ;)

action game + acdictive music + bang bang = GREAT GAME

good job polymerrabbit


I frickin love this game.