Reviews for "Flecko's Halloween"

Made me Cry tears of Awesome-ness

I think this qualifys as Medium-High Anime

Great job you two!

This is a great little fight scene! It's a bit slow at the start, which is a little boring I must say, I thought it was just going to be the two walking and just lotsa ppl being killed or attacked by random things...
Igor reminded me of a boss from some kind of fighting game, where he has a wep and attacks in combos, waits a sec then starts a new combo, and such, then at low hp (bullet to head) uses a devestationg attack or a transformation, welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llll anyways I loved it 100.5555555555%

Great job, make more stuff in this form of you just living your life and many stupifying events happen, RANDOMLY!!!

10/10 5/5


That was fucking awesome!

Great artwork. Great voice acting. Great music. Great plot. Great everything. Everything was great about this, no need for improvement. Maybe lay of the stereotypes, maybe someone will consider you racist or something, but I'm not complaining. Perfect 10/10. Although I've seen some better halloween flashes, this wont get 1st, but will definitely get some sort of prize. Maybe best action scene!

FleckoGold responds:

Well, I was enjoying the review up until you laid down the 'racist' topic. A different type of dialect doesn't define a person's race. That, itself, is a stereotype. But thanks for the review. Very encouraging.


Nice but...

Graveyard of Death.........yeah....

Nice vid

Out of all the 10's I give I think I need to rethink those on the creativity side. This was an awesome! Kind of boring to start, but the animation in the end was just awesome! The tentacles in the end with the sword play was awesome, very well done!