Reviews for "Flecko's Halloween"


yeah i have to admit that was Fn good fight scene and best igor character ever, but very slow start

FleckoGold responds:

I enjoyed the Igor character as well. Thanks


Well i'll give you one thing...

Tha was definately the blackest Igor i ever seen.

Wasn't Flecko a fly from Rocko's Modern Life?

FleckoGold responds:

YES! He was! I was so freakin' blown away by hearing that name used on another character when I saw that. I thought I had created a 1000% original name. Very weird experience. Especially when I saw the title screen that said "The day of the Flecko" or something like that...my interest was peeked at that point and I was worried that someone had stolen my character. Lol.

Anyways, yeah, you're the only person to know about that, or at least bring it up.

Thanks for the review.



i gave 5 points for this, yet the beginning scene where they are walking past the fences is about 5 times too long, i almost gave up on watching this.


well done
really enjoyed it


you have some serious skills. This is one of the best fight scenes i've seen on newgrounds, and you incorporated lots of humor that was actually funny into your 'toon. Your characters were also really expressive. Also, your sound design was pretty darn good too. you have all the elements that I think deserve a 5 and 10. booyow.