Reviews for "Flecko's Halloween"

well ...

the animation was good I hated the sounds and dint like the overly japanese style of fighting ...


the fight scene was amazing you put a lot of detail into it. KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB FLECKO ROCKS

Really Good!

Fleckogold... This is a really good idea. I love the fight scenes. Also Trever. The blond guy who speaks Japanese. But one thing is the begnning... For those who are impatient should just wait and see. It's not a boring looping flashmovie.
The sound is also great. But the best part is the monster. When they meet him I thought like '' Maybe the fight starts now or he'll shout at them.'' But instead he just says wazzup babies? XD
Really good idea :D
Smooth and nice animations are something that I really enjoy <3
// Lissani-Lona


man u rock GREAT movie loooooool FLECKO RULES!!!


wuz fuckin tyte!!!!!!!!