Reviews for "Flecko's Halloween"


10/10.. This was amazingly good. But u could fix the voice.

Fight scene

The fight scene made this flash amazing, the rest..eh... could use some work Ecspecially the begining

That was fucking awesome!

Great artwork. Great voice acting. Great music. Great plot. Great everything. Everything was great about this, no need for improvement. Maybe lay of the stereotypes, maybe someone will consider you racist or something, but I'm not complaining. Perfect 10/10. Although I've seen some better halloween flashes, this wont get 1st, but will definitely get some sort of prize. Maybe best action scene!

FleckoGold responds:

Well, I was enjoying the review up until you laid down the 'racist' topic. A different type of dialect doesn't define a person's race. That, itself, is a stereotype. But thanks for the review. Very encouraging.


that was great!

the only problem with this flash was that it dragged on in the begining when they were walking. But the animation was awesome, the overall plot was good and the fight scene was exiting. Great job man!


The voice acting was sub par and the flash started off really slow.

The fight scene however made this flash great. The animations were spot on and the fight was choreographed beautifully. I love it, make more... with just fights