Reviews for "Flecko's Halloween"


I wish I could do flash animation.

Totaly awesome ):(

Hey just dont be there doing nothing this is awesome and thats pis and shit nothing is boring you, come on, GO forward!!!!!!
JESUS CRIST!!!!!!!!!!
Ps:you can coment me pls.....??

FleckoGold responds:

I can't tell if your being complementary or insulting...

Um, thanks?



this is called animation.


what happened to the previous description:

i made this 5 minutes ago

FleckoGold responds:

Time really has no meaning... :D


Started slow ended awesome.

Very awesome animation. Art and details to main parts of scenery was well thought out and drawn. The zoom in at the hand dragging the rotting corpse by the ankle, was one of the best I've seen.

The beginning set the scene very well: great drawings and background animations. But it really seemed to be the longer part of the animation.