Reviews for "Flecko's Halloween"

Same old Same old

Exactly what newgrounds needs another Katana-Deagle-Matrix wannabe flash.
I wonder how much time was spent to write the brilliant story and compeling characters.
Not to mention the sheer audacity and fresh humour that this flash brings.

/ sarcasm

Animation is actually pretty good


Flecko = Badassness.


that was awsome haha good humor and graphics didnt see one thing wrong with it once again awsome.

Pure awesome.

i really like the design of the bad guy. pretty cool. ur really great at the action sequences. u have talent.

Nicely Animated.

I've been watching your work for a while now and I really enjoy this one. The only criticism I would have to make would be that it started off a little slow - what with the focus on the two of them walking with things going on in the background for like a minute.

I love your animation style and I think you have come a long, long way since your first Flecko animation. Good job man.