Reviews for "Sing you Sinners"


Weird ending. The animation reminds me of Popeye.


It reminds me of one of those old styled cartoons, like Felix and the like, only with a slightly gruesome ending...and the music suits it sooooo well! Very well done! I'm only sad it's so short, it'd be great if it was longer ;) *thumbs up*

Gotta love it

Wow, you do the oldschool style really well. You really pull it off. The music and the animation work well together. It is rather unfortunate that you had to cute it short. You can really tell its like "Ohcrapjustcutitthere*hack*" pretty much. But apart from that, no complaints. I liked the transition between light and darkness you used on the character as he fell down the hole. Really well done.


dude it was so cool the draws cool the animation cool the song cool but at the end it was mmm well looks like mmm bad it cold be better maybe if u finish the animation with the song but still cool

Well done.

Excellent work.

I greatly enjoyed the old feel of the cartoon mixed with modern animation, which you capture quite well. Smooth and well done. The sound quality was good, nothing beats the oldies. All in all, great. I RARELY give out anything over a 7/10, but I don't see any flaws other than ending abruptly. So, 9/10.