Reviews for "Sing you Sinners"


i didnt know it was on newgrounds too , it was on your devaint art page

Good but too short

I thought this was a pretty brilliant idea for a cartoon. I loved the animation style and the classical cartoon theme to this. The song was pretty nice too. I thought it was pretty cool and funny how the grim reaper was singing with the song. I also was amazed when he fell down that pit and turned to white and all those weird cool effects happened. But the ending came too quickly and I really hoped it would be longer. Plus I could pretty easily tell that you probably would have made it longer if you had more time. Never the less a great cartoon and a wonderful halloween music video.


wow I love how you put inspiration in old cartoons like that!


ahh the grim reaper :D

that old school

this brings me back when my family was poor, i was five, and all that i could watch was steamboat willy and popye (this was in 2001)