Reviews for "Host - part1"

ok that was creepy

awsome halloween flash

JoSilver responds:

thank you.


What the hell? That was good, but I mean what the hell was the point of that? Lol

JoSilver responds:

Well... I was making a series... hence the part 1...


I dont know how could anybody be scared by this.Awesome job.But it isnt scary.Well for me it isnt.Cant wait part 2.

JoSilver responds:

well some people are more sensitive then othere but I see your point, LOL!!!!


This was a very good movie the easter egg was SoOOooOOOoO funny i dont know why but i pissed my pants. and for som reason the movie reminded me about resident evil.......and porn XDXD 10/10 good job.

that is soo host